Welcome to the home of (another) JEmail. JEmail is a free java smtp pop3 server implementation. It provides simple smtp and pop3 email servers, suitable for very small scale deployment and testing. It is envisaged that it will find a home among developers seeking to test email integration, who do not have the time to setup a heavyweight counterpart.


The distribution comes as one jar file,, which includes source and unpacked libraries. After installing a suitable java runtime (for instance the jre1.3 from Sun), double clicking on the jar should produce a window informing you that the servers are running.

You can download the software from Sourceforge


The sourceforge link is here. SourceForge Logo


The servers do not forward mail to external sites. To configure your email client, create a new account. The following suffices for Microsoft Outlook:

Throughout, refers to your machines abolute dns name, ie. it should not be localhost (due to reported problems with misconfigured machines)

eg. Display name = "jemailTestUser"
->I already have an email address...
eg. address = ""  // or whatever at wherever the servers are running
// note this should be an absolute address as there are reports that some 
// misconfigured systems do not resolve hostname "localhost" properly
// although it works fine on my system
My incoming mail server is a -> POP3 server
eg. Incoming...=""  
eg. Outgoing...=""  
eg. Account name = "jemailTestUser"
eg. Password = "somePasswordOrOther" // password ignored

And try sending a message from your account to yourself.
This code is tried and tested on Windows platform with Microsoft Express Clients. It does not pretend to conform to any standards, although comments about incompatibilities are gratefully appreciated.

Compiling the source

The source depends on several libraries, notably javamail1.2 and java beans (includes activation framework). Just drop the java files and directories into your project, and add the two libraries (downloadable from Sun) to your classpath.


The obligatory screenshot: